Sunday, October 4, 2009

New wedding cake designs?

It is true! It has been so long since I have posted anything of the wedding cake variety so this evening I did just that...over and over and over again! I know you want to see. You DO want to see, don't you? Here....take a peek.

Here we have one modern wedding cake design in three different color varieties: Teal and Black, Teal and Chocolate, and Deep Red and Black. All it takes is a quick change of the background color and/or font and *poof*! You get a whole new look! On the left you can see thick white text of the invitation contrasting with the bride and groom's names in a beautiful script printed in the accent color taken from the cake. The background is bold and simple in black, giving it a very modern appeal. Very black tie affair meets artsy-fartsy if you ask me! ;)

On the right I changed the invitation material to a shimmery metallic finish and on two of the three, changed the font to a whimsical script. The metallic material gives the perfect touch for a winter wedding--very sparkly like falling snow!

The cake colors can be changed to anything you wish--pink cake with yellow accents, baby blue cake with navy blue accents, it is really up to you!

Matching stamps and stationery coming stay tuned! :)