Sunday, January 2, 2011

Looking forward in 2011

January 2nd aka Day Two of the Resolutions. So far so good, after all, here I am blogging again. (I know you are proud!)

One thing the beginning of a new year is good for is setting goals for yourself. I have to admit, I managed to hit quite a few of my goals from 2010. I became licensed with several great companies. My sales hit record highs. I even started the indiExhibit to help other artists. Pretty good for one year I think.

I'm a sucker for out doing myself so I need to set even higher goals for this year. I want my characters turned into dolls. Maybe even sculptures. I want at least 6 Ghoulie Scout books finished by December (Sorry Paully!). Yeah...I think those are pretty good goals for now. I'm sure I will add more as time goes by :)

What are YOUR goals for 2011?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

So it is 2011

Let's see if I can handle this blogging thing everyday. It *is* my resolution after all!

Today's blog will be rather short. I am in the middle of making another 108 card stock coffins for my Golden Globes and Sundance Film Festival gift lounge products. Strange? Of course! You know you wouldn't have me any other way!

Don't worry....after the events I will do my bestest to fill these pages with tons of fun stuff for you to read, laugh at, and ponder :)