Sunday, October 4, 2009

New wedding cake designs?

It is true! It has been so long since I have posted anything of the wedding cake variety so this evening I did just that...over and over and over again! I know you want to see. You DO want to see, don't you? Here....take a peek.

Here we have one modern wedding cake design in three different color varieties: Teal and Black, Teal and Chocolate, and Deep Red and Black. All it takes is a quick change of the background color and/or font and *poof*! You get a whole new look! On the left you can see thick white text of the invitation contrasting with the bride and groom's names in a beautiful script printed in the accent color taken from the cake. The background is bold and simple in black, giving it a very modern appeal. Very black tie affair meets artsy-fartsy if you ask me! ;)

On the right I changed the invitation material to a shimmery metallic finish and on two of the three, changed the font to a whimsical script. The metallic material gives the perfect touch for a winter wedding--very sparkly like falling snow!

The cake colors can be changed to anything you wish--pink cake with yellow accents, baby blue cake with navy blue accents, it is really up to you!

Matching stamps and stationery coming stay tuned! :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Christmas stationery for everyone..including the goths!

Yes, it is that time once again. First school starts, then Halloween costumes fill up your local Wal-Mart stores, then all of a sudden *poof* it is time for the joys (and pains) of Christmas shopping. (If you are one of those people who say there is no pain in Christmas shopping, you are lying and you know it so shush!) :)
Every year my Grandmother sends a beautiful Christmas card with a sweet little note hand written on crisp, cream colored stationary. Every year, I swear she does, I can lay money on it. She is one of those few people who feel like a hand written note means more than an e-card or a daily email chain-joke. Call it old fashioned, but I love getting those little notes from her. Needless to say, I was thinking of her while creating today!
I spent most of my day creating new stationary designs for the holiday season. I got to thinking about the different styles and personalities of people. There is no way I would ever send a note on a sheet of my Grandma's stationary, not in a million years--too plain for me--so I created some that were both gothy (in a cute way, of course!) and festive. I decided that this year, I would allow my "Lighter Side of Dark" characters to celebrate the season. SO now, both Mollie Mellencollie and Cordelia the Ghoul adorn Christmasy stationary for all the goths to enjoy!
For all those readers out there who are gasping at the thought of skulls on their holiday note paper, fear not! I also created some cute, santa inspired penguins, a few sparkly Christmas angels, and some simple yet stylish red, white and green basket weave designs as well. See? I told you that I had something for everyone! :)
You can check out these holiday designs as well as wedding and everyday stationary at
Until next time my loverlies,
Shannon Rene'
Okay so here I am--blogging. I have been meaning to do this for a while now, but today I finally forced myself so yay--here I am!

I promise that I will attempt to keep you all entertained to at least some degree with my unique and quirky designs. So try to be patient with me as I try to figure out this whole blogging thing :)

Peace, love, and truffles,
Shannon Rene'